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Do you have difficulty clearing your mind?

If we cannot relax, we cannot recharge.

Everything works better if it gets unplugged for a while, including humans.

You cannot possibly give the best of yourself if you are constantly chasing your own tail.

Learn how to master your inner chatterbox and find inner calm.


Would you like to experience deep breathing and meditation?

Tanya Mann Therapist, Central London UK


Is your body in line with your mind?

Do you use what your mama gave you?

How well do you move?

Simple stretching and walking is the barest minimum that most of us should be doing each day.

Are you hugging and touching other people on a daily basis?

Hugs are scientifically proven to improve our health, by the release of oxytocin which can even boost our immune system and can reduce stress, even lower blood pressure.


Let’s get you connecting with other humans, in a totally, non-icky way.

Tanya Mann Therapist, Central London UK

Life Balance

Are you taking on too much?

Do you feel overwhelming responsibility?

Does the buck stop with you?

If you are lacking energy or feeling tired and sluggish, you already have all the signs you need to take action, and learn how to balance your life and well being.

There is a very real danger of exhaustion and burn-out, which increases the risk of serious disease.

Tanya Mann Therapist, Central London UK

Life Balance

Do you miss deadlines, appointments or social engagements?

Do you avoid planning treats with your loved ones because you do not have the time?

No time to exercise?

No time to eat well?

No time to play games or go for a long walk?


Do your kids or partner complain that you never spend time with them?


Is there a hobby that you used to love, but now is just a memory?


Do you realise that we all have the same 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week?


Let’s work out how you can create a less frantic and more balanced way to live.


Just saying it already sounds good, doesn’t it?

Tanya Mann Therapist, Central London UK

Toxic Lifestyle

Do you use alcohol/drugs/food/sex/television/shopping/scrolling to numb your reality?

Are you secretly doing any of these things to make you feel better?

Are you aware that your needs are growing?

Do you have a plan to make it stop?

If these habits are left unchecked, they will take hold, and you will need to feed your habit with ever-increasing amounts to give you the next hit of dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin.


You know you need to get this in check now before it makes a serious impact on the quality of your life.

Tanya Mann Therapist, Central London UK

Well Being

Sometimes, it is a challenge to see the value in self-care, but if you don’t take the time to address this, you may wake up with a serious health problem, and it could even be too late.

If you are a responsible and intelligent adult, you will acknowledge that preventative care for well-being is far more economical in the long run than having to let someone run your life for you because you are physically incapable due to a condition that could have been prevented if you’d only have taken better care of yourself while you had the chance.

Tanya Mann Therapist, Central London UK

Discover Emotional Transformation Therapy in Leicester Square, Central London.

Book a complementary 30 minute discovery call


We need to know if we are a fit.


I will be honest: if I don’t feel I can help you, or I know someone better suited for you, I will tell you straight away.

Tanya Mann Therapist, Central London UK


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