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About Tanya Mann Therapist, London UK

Tanya Mann


"I wish you could cut me open and see the light and warmth that’s been switched on in me and because of you. You have given so much Tanya. So so much. You are a gift."

About Tanya Mann Therapist, London UK

Tanya Mann Clinical Hypnotherapist

I’ve spoken at the House of Lords and the European Parliament. I’m considered an authority on:

  • Mindset

  • Emotional Resilience

  • Overcoming Anxiety

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy


I was invited to 10 Downing Street when David Cameron was Prime Minister, to discuss my ideas on effective communication.

I give workshops at banks, law, accountancy, sales and insurance firms and I lecture at universities including Cambridge, LSE and UCL.

I give presentations on motivation at conferences, seminars and workshops all over the UK and Europe.

However, coaching One to One is my sweet spot; nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than when I can see progress and results close up.

Why work with Tanya?

I have first-hand experience in surviving abuse, anxiety, overwhelm, lack of confidence, extremely low self-esteem, facing seemingly impossible obstacles, making life-changing decisions, choosing challenging paths, choosing a path of least resistance, rebuilding from zero, dealing with regret, guilt and shame, rediscovering inner spark, igniting that spark to a flame, lighting up from within…

Following some extreme challenges and realising I had to make some very big changes in my life, I first discovered self-development nearly twenty years ago. I got serious about it and devoured as much knowledge as I could, first by reading and from then until now, participating in every training, with as many incredible teachers as I could, within the timeframe and financial restraints that life presented along the way. I will continue to strive for excellence, so that I can reflect that back to my amazing clients.

Unorthodox and Experienced

I’m a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, life coach and presentation skills trainer, bereavement counsellor, and master meditation teacher having practiced Transcendental Meditation for over forty years) but my most profound learning came from all the knocks I’ve taken and my most valuable qualifications have been gained in the School of Life.

I do not follow a formula, I’m unorthodox, and my approach is tough love. If you’d like to speak to one of my previous clients I’ve helped over the years, they are all happy to give private testimonials.

I will help you get clear on what you want so that you can finally live the life you truly deserve; invigorated, and excited for the next chapter. I will help you ditch the glitch and get your groove back.

What would working with me look like?

Firstly, we’ll get to know each other over a discovery call. The more honest and open you can be with me about what you want to achieve, the better an idea I can get of what it will take to get you there.

Together we can decide if you would need a one or two-hour session, just once, or for three, five, seven or ten weeks.

You might be better suited, or prefer the idea, to go for an intensive reset day, which gets the quickest results but also works best if the learning is reinforced with some follow-up sessions. We can discuss all this on the discovery call.

I will help you get clear on what you really want so that you can finally live the life you truly deserve; invigorated, and excited for the next chapter. I will help you ditch the glitch and get your groove back.

“This lady has an extraordinary ability. I would guess that there’s not one person reading this who can say their life is perfect in every way, and that there is no area that could do with improvement.
Anyone who has a chance to benefit from Tanya’s perceptive coaching should do so while they can.”

About Tanya Mann Therapist, London UK

Discover Emotional Transformation Therapy in Leicester Square, Central London.

Book a complementary 30 minute discovery call


We need to know if we are a fit.


I will be honest: if I don’t feel I can help you, or I know someone better suited for you, I will tell you straight away.

About Tanya Mann Therapist, London UK


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